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Photography by Justin Tyler Close
Styling by Leanne Trigg
Video by Co-Lab
Produced by The Lab TV & Arthouse
Creative Director: Anwar Mekhayech
Editing by Jason C Myers
Color by Mike Nairne
Featuring: Alison King & Alexander Bradley
Song: Faded by Bear Mountain 

Visiting Venice isn’t just about the masks of the Carnival, the jaw-dislocating view from the roof of St Mark’s Basilica, or the gastronomical opulence of the Rialto food markets. It’s also the sweet and sour perfection of a spritz paired with tempting cicchetti ; the sensuous glide of a gondolier’s oar as he navigates the city’s endless watery lanes; the sunset bouncing off the Grand Canal and illuminating the face of the one you love. 

The Lab found out all this and more when we followed Alexander Bradley and Alison King on their Venetian vacation. Staying at Generator’s converted grain warehouse – the floating city’s oldest hostel – the couple ate, drank, and romanced their time away in style. The hostel’s lavish tiled reception, exposed wooden beams, sumptuous decor, and modern facilities made the perfect nest for these lovebirds to explore all that this intoxicating locale has to offer.

We stayed at Generator, because when we travel to Venice we want more. Much, much more.