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Photography by Yoshino 
Styling by Juliet Vo
Hair & Make-Up by Natasha Severino at Jed Root
Creative, Casting & Production by Six Wolves 

Madison Moellers is an American actress from Colorado. She has had roles in The Mentalist, Shameless, Mistresses, and Monsters University, and fronts her own online interview series – Influential Women of Hollywood. She was interviewed by Rules of Engagement’s Patrick Warburton.

PATRICK WARBURTON—Why do you act? 

MADISON MOELLERS—Because I love it. I have always loved performing. Even when I was little I would get dressed up and put on shows for my friends and family.

PW—Who inspires you the most in acting? 

MM—Jodie Foster, because she is so versatile and can play just about any role. She is also inspiring as a human being because she is such an amazing person.

PW—Do you like going back and forth between Colorado and Hollywood?

MM—Yes! I get to go to school in Colorado and live my dream in California. I also get to see my friends in both places. 

PW—Who is the funniest actor you know? Wink-wink! 

MM—Does that mean I have to say Patrick Warburton? 

PW—What charities do you support?

MM—End Malaria Now, Stand Up To Cancer, Star Paws Rescue, Gavin’s Groupies and the Will Rogers Foundation. I am also very big on LGBT rights.

PW—When you asked me to host your End Malaria Now benefit, I was very honored. That was great. What is up with End Malaria Now, now? 

MM—We continue to raise awareness about the devastation of malaria in Africa and our efforts to bring much needed bed nets to families in Africa is going strong. I’m hoping to help put together another fundraiser in the very near future. 

PW—How hard is it to be a child actress?

MM—I find that child actors have it quite a bit easier than adult actors. Adult actors get criticized much more. But then again, there are fewer roles and possibilities for children. 

PW—How do kids treat you in Colorado? 

MM—When I go to school, it gets a bit overwhelming sometimes because I can barely go five minutes without three kids going, “What’s this like?” “You were in this right?” “Why did you go to California?” and so on. But when they’re not asking a bunch of questions, there are some people that are mean to me and I assume it’s their jealousy. But, for the most part, everybody’s pretty nice and normal.

PW—What do you do for fun? 

MM—I feel like this question was put here because people assume that child actors have no fun at all. There is a multitude of things I do. I do just about anything a normal kid would say if you asked them this question. I read books, I watch TV, I play with my friends, I ride my bike, and I walk around town.

PW—Tell me about your Influential Women of Hollywood series. Why do you do it?

MM—I am a big feminist. I think that women should have just as many equal rights as men. And we’re even willing to take responsibility for it. I do it to get young girls and young women to know that they can be just as powerful as a man can be if they really put their mind to it.

PW—What’s the most fun role you have had yet? 

MM—On Shameless, I got to play a transgender kid. That was so fun because I love unusual and versatile roles. Everyone on set was so awesome and it was just a blast. 

PW—Do you want to act when you’re grown up? 

MM—Yes. I definitely want to act when I’m older. I think it’s what I always wanted to do and always will want to do. Even if I end up getting another job, and love it, I will always be glad I got this experience. 

PW—What would you do if you couldn’t act?

MM—I love animals so I would probably do something with animals (even though I probably couldn’t be a vet). I think something with animals or people would be nice. Maybe an interior designer or an animal rescuer.

PW—I hear you drive back and forth from Colorado to Hollywood. How far is the drive? 

MM—18.5 beautiful but grueling hours.

PW—Your mother has driven you hundreds of thousands of miles to pursue your dream. How special is that lady?

MM—Soooo amazing. I know so many parents that even though they love their children to the moon and back, couldn’t do this. She can barely function after a week of helping me with my acting. I hope someday I get to pay her back all of the thousands of dollars and hours she’s put into this. My dad also puts a good amount of money into this.

PW— Do you like our president?

MM—I’ve learned to never talk about religion or politics. It always ends badly.

PW—Where do you want to live when you grow up?

MM—I’m a city person. Do I love my small town and will I visit it? Of course. But I’m definitely more of a California big-city person. Maybe Venice or Beverly Hills. I aim high.

PW—When you and your mom came out to our Celebrity Golf Tournament for St. Jude kids, you just wanted to help in any way. What inspires you? You seem to have awareness of and a compassion for those in need.

MM—I am very aware. I think about many things that I have that others don’t. Sometimes, I’ll lie in bed and I’ll be cold. Then I’ll pull the blankets over me and think to myself, There are so many people in the world that are sleeping near hypothermia right now. Or I’ll look in the fridge, and I’ll open my mouth to complain that we have no food, and then I’ll think, Somebody or something in this world would be overrun with joy to have these two apples. I like helping. It makes me happy to know that I can make someone or something happy.

PW—If you never have to drive on a highway again, would it be too soon? 

MM—Short distances are better but if I could quit the 18.5 hour drive and just zap myself to Hollywood when needed, I wouldn’t be against that opportunity.